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Why You Need Professional Photography For Your Small Business & How to use It To Increase Your Profits

As a business professional, I understand how important it is to ensure that your hard earned money gets well-spent and not wasted. In my experience–there seems to be a Las Vegas-sized community of people (targeting us business owners) accompanied by flashing neon lights, asking to invest our money in this and that. It’s difficult to weed out what is wasteful and what is truly needed. Regardless, investing in your business is vital for growth. Especially investing in your online business presence.

I can’t stress enough how important this is. How you represent yourself & your company will ultimately play a huge factor in the success or failure of your business.


You need shoes and you are checking out websites to gather information. You go to a designer’s Facebook page to check for local deals. You go to their Instagram page to check out the pictures and see the shoes in all their glory. A pair catches your eye and you head to the website to check them out even more. The website is easy to navigate and the pictures are clear and you love how their online presence is genuine. They don’t use stock photos. They use actual pictures of the shoe-making process. They have images of their employees having fun. The transaction becomes personal.

You make the decision to purchase and after the transaction ends–you get an email with the owner’s picture at the bottom thanking you for your business.

Have you ever visted a website and felt like their online presence wasn’t well-established? What if you knew nothing about their products and services and relied entirely on how they presented themselves? Would you trust them? Would you maybe look for a site with a more professional image?

Guys, this could be a game changer for your business. This is important.

Your general stock photos of the sunset might be gorgeous but they do not represent YOUR BUSINESS. You might deem yourself as a professional selfie-taker but you and your business are worth more than selfies.

I can help you with this.

With my portrait & boutique services–you will no longer lack the confidence in your offers. Your images will accurately represent you and your business. And that is something that you will be able to stand firmly and proudly behind.

Maybe you are overwhelmed by the thought of a lengthy and expensive photo-shoot? My small-business portrait sessions are affordable and available in thirty-minute increments! No mandatory hair and nail appointments. No stress! Your appointment will be fast, easy, and fun! It’s important for me to be respectful of your time. Your focus will be back to your projects and clients in no time!

You will be able to use these photos to create attractive advertising materials & products within your business. Ask me about my boutique package add ons. I have everything from printed images to customizable banners to coffee cups!

It’s vital that your audience sees your image consistently. Having professional pictures done will increase your profits by attracting more clients and attracting them quicker. Let me repeat this. Having professional pictures done will increase your profits by attracting more clients and attracting them quicker.

If you have any questions or are interested in hearing more about what Nightingale + Willow has to offer, send me a message! We can meet up in person to discuss what your business needs.

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