Nightingale + Willow

Jacksonville Beach & Walt Disney World -A Vacation Package

There’s something about warm summer air. And the smell of saltwater. The joyous sounds of a family playing in the ocean waves. The magical world of Disney. That’s what I got to experience and capture on my most recent trip to Florida.

I had a family take advantage of my newest package–the “Take Me With You on Vacation” one!  I enjoyed watching them have fun at the beach and was able to capture priceless memories that they will be able to cherish forever.

I loved watching this little girl take on her very first wave. She was afraid at first, very apprehensive. But her fear didn’t last long. She was tackling each and every wave. One hand was combing into the tide and the other was tightly gripped onto the hand of her grandpa.

I also loved watching this little girl stand against the ocean waves with her daddy.

I was able to capture & preserve quality memories at the resort pool!

I took some adorable late-night family photos on the beach. I didn’t have any options for bounce flash–so I used my white hairbow. Crafty! I spent the remainder of my night looking for tiny little crabs in the sand. They ran sideways REALLY fast. Watching them was entertaining.

I enjoyed my time here. The beach was absolutely wonderful.

I also was able to spend time at Walt Disney World! This cutie loves to dance!

Of course, there’s that moment on the trip when you realize that your Lego “Friends” aren’t real.

But the magic from the spinning tea cups make up for it.

Goodbye, Florida. See you next time!

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