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Now Booking | Fall Mini Sessions | Perks of Booking a Mini Session!

It’s already the middle of July…can you believe it?

School will be starting next month and then (for me, at least) the rest of the year literally FLIES by! But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the Fall. It’s my favorite time of year.. I love carving pumpkins and roasting s’mores over a warm and toasty bon fire. I love being able to look up and see the perfect canvas of stars laid out in the clear sky. The smell of pumpkin and apple coming from a busy kitchen. . .Hot apple cider. I love sitting out on the porch and feeling the breeze. You can feel it in the air; the slight tease of what’s coming.

This time of year is also great for mini sessions. The gorgeous changing of the seasons ‘brings wonder to the world’ (To quote my daughter’s Tinkerbell movie). It also makes for BEAUTIFUL pictures.

Never booked a mini session before? Here are some PERKS!

  • These sessions are very short! You and/or your family won’t spend much time in front of the camera. This would be ideal to the person in your family who doesn’t like getting their picture taken.
  • My mini sessions are offered at $75, which is less of an investment and considerably cheaper than a full-length session.
  • And since my mini sessions are short, they easily fit into your busy schedule!
  • You only get the BEST photos, so you don’t have to go through a ton of delivered photos and make tough decisions on the few you’ll print.
  • You don’t have to decide on a location; it’s already scheduled for you!
  • You can use it as a “trial run” with me as your photographer to see if you like my style and how well I work with you and your family before booking a full session.
  • You will receive 15 digital copies that you can use and print anywhere you’d like.
  • Mini sessions are a cost effective way to keep your family photos up-to-date.

If you have any questions or you’d like to book a fall mini session with me, fill out the form below! I look forward to meeting you in the fall. 🙂

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