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Local Spotlight | Adorning Oaks | Haley Bechtel

I was gifted the opportunity to be the photographer for the Hamilton County Women in Business group a few months ago. (Founded by Shawna Johnson, Union Home Mortgage.) They have meetings and events, which allow them to connect and market with one another. Since then, I have met so many wonderful, talented, and hard-working ladies!

One of them is Adorning Oaks founder and creator, Haley Bechtel.

Her business started out like most; a hobby. She, with the assistance of her husband, designed unique and one of a kind decor items for their wedding.
They also designed gift items for their friends’ weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. These endeavors were so successful and valued that Haley established Adorning Oaks.

The majority of their pieces early on were made up of oak, which helped contribute to the name.

Today, Adorning Oaks is a thriving business. She makes items such as inspirational signs, personalized boards, bridal hangers, and much more! She also offers rentals for large items, such as live-edge tables, tall light up marquee letters, and seating charts!

Custom is a word that has been ingraved DEEPLY in her business since DAY ONE. Haley believes that every life event should be UNIQUE, memorable, and beautiful and she pours these beliefs and passions into her work.

Recently, Haley and her husband renovated a studio near 106th and College and her plan is to have it ready and open to the public by 2020. As a team they produce everything from scratch in their workshop located at their home and more recently at their renovated studio. Haley says that her husband and both of her parents have helped a ton since beginning Adorning Oaks in March of 2018.

If you are interested in a custom piece or simply just want to check out her website, you may do that here. I have one of her custom pieces in my home studio and I truly love it.

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