Front Porch Mini Sessions & Updates

I must admit keeping spirits alive during this pandemic has been difficult. I’ve got a five year old who still doesn’t quite grasp the concept of why she is now being homeschooled and away from her friends. She misses the playground and her ‘normal’ life. I also have a husband who works at one of the local hospitals. Stresses are high but we are going to get through this.

Update: Front Porch Mini Sessions!

I have been messaged by a couple people in my neighborhood asking about front porch photo sessions. Since Photographers have officially been given the ‘go ahead’ by Gov. Holcomb, I am pleased to announce that I am now booking! These are very simple and safe. I will pose you from afar on your front porch and take 1-3 images of you standing with your household members. That way you will have a documented and professional photo to remember this time by.

$30 | 1-3 edited images | downloadable gallery sent straight to your inbox!

If you are interested please fill out the form below and I will get right back to you!

We had some outdoor fun the other day.

Our evening consisted of bike riding, explanations regarding the purpose and importance of knee pads, and a flower scavenger hunt.

We recently purchased our home last fall and every week it seems a new flower is blooming (that we didn’t know was there). Each surprise is a nice and new addition to our yard. I’ve never been interested–or good at–gardening but I seem to be doing okay with this batch. Yay!