Let Me Capture Those Moments For You

As most of you know may know, I love taking photos of families, couples, and kids! It’s exciting being able to artistically capture and preserve those special moments. I easily become tearful each time I look back at pictures of my daughter as a toddler. I will admit I didn’t savor each moment like I try to now. I constantly found myself thinking I can’t wait until she’s old enough to do [insert thing here] by herself. Looking back at my photos of her are one of the many things that bring me happiness but also shed light on the sadness that comes with growing up.

I am able to relive the moment where she learned to do sign language. I am able to remember when she learned how to walk and the look on her face on her first day of kindergarten. And her first gymnastics lesson or the 100th time she danced around the living room. Or the way she hugs her step-dad and smiles so hard her eyes close.

I’m being really honest here; I’d love to capture those moments for you. I want you to be able to put away your cell phone and get the opportunity to be IN these memories that your children will have years down the road. I want to spend 30 minutes to an hour doing nothing but taking raw, natural photos of you and your family interacting and loving one another.

Whether you choose to keep your photos digital, order prints to put inside cards, frames, or a scrapbook, or you take your favorite shot and blow it up as a large canvas and display above your fireplace—I’d be honored to be your Fine Art Portrait Photographer.

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