Plain & Simple

“I hate getting my picture taken”

I literally hear this from every single client. As a photographer, I’m not one to usually step in front of the lens but I know it’s necessary when you’re running a business.

I also hear how they think the stock photos they pulled from the internet look weird and how their selfies look unprofessional.

I hear how nervous they are by the thought of a lengthy and expensive photo-shoot.

How much they lacked the confidence in their offers because they felt that their images didn’t accurately represent them.

How unclear they were on what they wanted and how it made them uneasy.

But here’s the thing. . .

As your photographer–I will make your session(s) easy, fun, and professional. You will meet me with in person a week prior to your session to go over what you want and how you want your business branded. If you don’t know what you want yet then we can have a business brainstorming session! 🙂

Having images that personally reflect your business and who you are as a person will allow you to be more confident in your brand presence online and off.

You will be able to use these photos to create branded and polished materials and products within your business.

You will have enough images to use for quality, branded social media posts for months to come. (If not longer!)

As a solo business owner, I know how important it is for my image to be seen consistently with audience. Professional imagery will help you to increase your profits by attracting more clients and attracting them quicker!

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