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embrace their Motherhood Journey

Within the realm of motherhood, each day blesses us with an array of fleeting moments that define our journey as parents.

When motherhood was new, I fully immersed myself in every tender moment. I relished the laughter, the cuddles, and the milestones that filled our lives. But like all tales, there were chapters missed.

I realized that amidst the busy days and endless responsibilities, I had forgotten to pause and document the most important moments. Those little giggles, the tiny hands holding mine, and the bedtime stories shared under blanket tents all slipped away. leaving an ache in my heart.

This pain, the poignant sense of loss, ignited an unshakable passion within me—to change the narrative for other mothers.


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she was so sweet, patient, and caring! 

Leah is so amazing to work with! We just used her for our newborn pictures and she was so sweet, patient, and caring! She checked in before asking what was important to us to get out of the shoot and made sure to try and capture those moments for us! She was so kind and patient with our toddler as well! We can’t wait to see the pictures she took!


The pictures turned out amazing and are truly priceless memories!

Leah did some mommy and me pics with my 2 little ones and I and was so wonderful to work with! She was flexible when I messed up booking and so sweet with my little ones. The pictures turned out amazing and are truly priceless memories! Can’t wait to book a family session this fall.


Can't wait for our next shoot!

Our pictures turned out amazing! With three dogs - two of which were puppies, it was not an easy task. Leah was patient and a joy to work with. Can't wait for our next shoot!


Our experience was phenomenal.

Leah just took pictures of my children for the first time. Our experience was phenomenal. I have 2 under 2 and a 15 year old. My toddler wasn’t wanting anything to do with being still, my baby hated grass, and I was running around trying to contain everyone. Leah didn’t even flinch. She was so calm and so understanding. She also got GREAT pictures. They weren’t over edited and she captured each kid’s personality perfectly. She worked magic with what she was handed.