Hi there! I'm Leah Parks and I am the heart and face behind Nightingale and Willow Photography. I need coffee paired with my oxygen and Jesus paired with my soul. I sing and dance while I clean my house, I crush on my husband like we are still newlyweds, and I will probably say something super awkward during the first five minutes that I meet you.

I have two children, Melody and Sirius. My daughter has Autism, ADHD, and a Speech Impairment and both of my children are developmentally delayed. They are so special to me, and I adore them both so very much.

I am a bit different than most photographers. I am an emotive, story-telling photo artist with an editorial approach. I want to capture your raw moments as a family. My ideal clients are the ones who want to be photographed authentically. 

I want to take your photos. Not because I'm pushy, but because I am a mother and wife and I know painfully well just how quickly time flies.

I want to capture those special moments that you have with your family.  Like when your baby is playing with your hair while you are rocking him. Or how your toddler grabs your cheeks when she kisses you. I want to get THOSE moments captured so you can be reminded of this special time for years to come.

I encourage you to press pause in your busy life so we can create something beautiful together. 

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