Hey there, I’m Leah—a mother with Autism and ADHD, raising two children who are also on the spectrum. I understand the profound joys and unique challenges of parenting a neurodiverse family. My love for photography ignited at age 9 with Pokémon Snap and grew through my involvement in 4H. I refined my skills by studying studio art and photography at the University of Indianapolis from 2010 to 2012.

Becoming a mother deepened my passion for photography, turning it into an essential tool to preserve the fleeting moments of my children's lives. I founded Nightingale and Willow to support families like ours—families navigating the world a little differently but bound by unconditional love and resilience. I'm here not just to capture your most cherished moments but also to empower you through them, offering resources and support that reflect our shared experiences and aspirations.

Motherhood is a journey filled with both beauty and challenges. As a dedicated motherhood educator, I'm here to empower you with knowledge and support. Through workshops, resources, and personalized guidance, I strive to help mamas navigate this incredible adventure with confidence and grace.

In a world that constantly pulls us in different directions, I advocate for the beauty of being present. Being a hands-free mama means cherishing the moments without distractions, embracing the simplicity, and relishing the precious bond with your little ones. I'm here to share tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you savor every moment of motherhood.

As someone who navigates the world alongside two neurodiverse children and experiences neurodivergence personally, I am deeply committed to advocating for the recognition and acceptance of neurological diversity. This personal journey has enriched me with invaluable insights into the exquisite diversity of human minds and the critical need for inclusivity. By nurturing an environment of acceptance, we can craft a society that honors and leverages the distinct talents of every individual, allowing us all to thrive in our uniqueness.

Family and Newborn Photographer. Motherhood Educator. Hands-Free Mama. Neuro-Inclusion Advocate.

Family and Newborn Photographer.
Motherhood Educator.
Hands-Free Mama.
Neuro-Inclusion Advocate.

Motherhood Educator

Hands-Free Mama

Neuro-Inclusive Advocate

All The Photography Stuff!

My Equipment & Recommendations!

Camera Bag
The Lyra By Kamrette

Camera Gear
Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Sigma 85mm f/1.4
Sigma 35mm f/1.4

Einstein™ Flash Unit
86” White PLM™ Umbrella

These are all programs and mentorships that I have participated in!

My Mentors & Coaches!

The Prosper Mentorship by White Pine Photography

-Fundamentals of Editing
-Proser Mentorship
-Skin Tone Course
-Presets and the Shop

Systemize Your Life + Systemize Your Biz by Chelsi Jo.

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